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Add UUID Serde



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      I propose adding serializers and deserializers for the java.util.UUID class.

      I have many use cases where I want to set the key of a Kafka message to be a UUID. Currently, I need to turn UUIDs into strings or byte arrays and use their associated Serdes, but it would be more convenient to serialize and deserialize UUIDs directly.

      I'd propose that the serializer and deserializer use the 36-byte string representation, calling UUID.toString and UUID.fromString, and then using the existing StringSerializer / StringDeserializer to finish the job. We would also wrap these in a Serde and modify the streams Serdes class to include this in the list of supported types.

      Optionally, we could have the deserializer support a 16-byte representation and it would check the size of the input byte array to determine whether it's a binary or string representation of the UUID. It's not well defined whether the most significant bits or least significant go first, so this deserializer would have to support only one or the other.

      Similary, if the deserializer supported a 16-byte representation, there could be two variants of the serializer, a UUIDStringSerializer and a UUIDBytesSerializer.

      I would be willing to write this PR, but am looking for feedback about whether there are significant concerns here around ambiguity of what the byte representation of a UUID should be, or if there's desire to keep to list of built-in Serdes minimal such that a PR would be unlikely to be accepted.

      KIP Link: https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/KAFKA/KIP-206%3A+Add+support+for+UUID+serialization+and+deserialization


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