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Streams DSL - Add TTL / retention period support for intermediate topics and state stores



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      I'm using Streams DSL (, which can only use RocksDB for local state as far as I know - it's not configurable.
      In my use case my data has TTL / retnetion period. It's 48 hours. After that - data can be discarded.

      I join two topics: "messages" and "prices" using windowed inner join.
      The two intermediate Kafka topics for this join are named:

      • messages-prices-join-this-changelog
      • messages-prices-join-other-changelog

      Since these topics are created as compacted by Kafka Streams, and I don't wan't to keep data forever, I have altered them to not use compaction. Right now my RocksDB state stores grow indefinitely, and I don't have any options to define TTL, or somehow periodically clean the older data.

      A "hack" that I use to keep my disk usage low - I have schedulled a job to periodically stop Kafka Streams instances - one at the time. This triggers a rebalance, and partitions migrate to other instances. When the instance is started again, there's another rebalance, and sometimes this instance starts processing partitions that wasn't processing before the stop - which leads to deletion of the RocksDB state store for those partitions (state.cleanup.delay.ms). In the next rebalance the local store is recreated with a restore consumer - which reads data from - as previously mentioned - a non compacted topic. And this effectively leads to a "hacked TTL support" in Kafka Streams DSL.


      • Do you think would be reasonable to add support in the DSL api to define TTL for local store?
      • Which opens another question - there are use cases which don't need the intermediate topics to be created as "compact". Could also this be added to the DSL api? Maybe only this could be added, and this flag should also be used for the RocksDB TTL. Of course in this case another config would be mandatory - the retention period or TTL for the intermediate topics and the state stores. I saw there is a new cleanup.policy - compact_and_delete - added with KAFKA-4015.
      • Which also leads to another question, maybe some intermediate topics / state stores need different TTL, so a it's not as simple as that. But after KAFKA-3870, it will be easier.

      RocksDB supports TTL:

      A somehow similar issue: KAFKA-4212


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