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Replicas Order and Leader out of sync



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      Our 2 kafka brokers ( 1 & 5) were rebooted due to hypervisor going down and I think we encountered a similar
      issue that was discussed in thread "Problem with node after restart no partitions?". The resulting JIRA is closed without conclusions or
      recovery steps.

      Our Brokers 5 and 1 were also running zookeeper of our cluster (along with broker 2),
      we are running kafka version

      After doing a controlled restarts over all brokers a few times our cluster seems ok now.

      But there are a some topics that have replicas out of sync with Leaders.

      Partition 2 below has Leader 5 and replicas order should be 5,1

      Topic:2015-01-12        PartitionCount:3        ReplicationFactor:2     Configs:
              Topic: 2015-01-12       Partition: 0    Leader: 4       Replicas: 4,3   Isr: 3,4
              Topic: 2015-01-12       Partition: 1    Leader: 0       Replicas: 0,4   Isr: 0,4
              Topic: 2015-01-12       Partition: 2    Leader: 5       Replicas: 1,5   Isr: 5

      I tried reassigning partition 2 replicas to broker 5 (leader) and broker : 0
      Now partition reassignment is stuck for more than a day.

      %) /usr/local/kafka/bin/kafka-reassign-partitions.sh --zookeeper kafka-trgt05:2182 --reassignment-json-file 2015-01-12_2.json --verify
      Status of partition reassignment:
      Reassignment of partition [2015-01-12,2] is still in progress

      And In zookeeper, reassign_partitions is empty..

      [zk: kafka-trgt05:2182(CONNECTED) 2] ls /admin/reassign_partitions

      This seems like a bug being triggered, that leaves the cluster in unhealthy state.




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