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Partitions for topic not created after restart from forced shutdown



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      We are using Kafka Topic APIs to create the topic. But in some cases, the topic gets created but we don't see the partition specific files and when producer/consumer tries to get the topic metadata and it fails with exception. Same happens if one tries to create using the command line.

      k.p.BrokerPartitionInfo - Error while fetching metadata [

      {TopicMetadata for topic tloader1 -> No partition metadata for topic tloader1 due to kafka.common.UnknownTopicOrPartitionException}

      ] for topic [tloader1]: class kafka.common.UnknownTopicOrPartitionException

      Steps to reproduce -

      1. Stop kafka using kill -9 <PID of Kafka>
      2. Start Kafka
      3. Create Topic with partition and replication factor of 1.
      4. Check the response “Created topic <topic_name>”
      5. Run the list command to verify if its created.
      6. Now check the data directory of kakfa. There would not be any for the newly created topic.

      We see issues when we are creating new topics. This happens randomly and we dont know the exact reasons. We see the below logs in controller during the time of creation of topics which doesnt have the partition files.

      2014-11-03 13:12:50,625] INFO [Controller 0]: New topic creation callback for [JobJTopic,0] (kafka.controller.KafkaController)
      [2014-11-03 13:12:50,626] INFO [Controller 0]: New partition creation callback for [JobJTopic,0] (kafka.controller.KafkaController)
      [2014-11-03 13:12:50,626] INFO [Partition state machine on Controller 0]: Invoking state change to NewPartition for partitions [JobJTopic,0] (kafka.controller.PartitionStateMachine)
      [2014-11-03 13:12:50,653] INFO [Replica state machine on controller 0]: Invoking state change to NewReplica for replicas [Topic=JobJTopic,Partition=0,Replica=0] (kafka.controller.ReplicaStateMachine)
      [2014-11-03 13:12:50,654] INFO [Partition state machine on Controller 0]: Invoking state change to OnlinePartition for partitions [JobJTopic,0] (kafka.controller.PartitionStateMachine)
      [2014-11-03 13:12:50,654] DEBUG [Partition state machine on Controller 0]: Live assigned replicas for partition [JobJTopic,0] are: [List(0)] (kafka.controller.PartitionStateMachine)
      [2014-11-03 13:12:50,654] DEBUG [Partition state machine on Controller 0]: Initializing leader and isr for partition [JobJTopic,0] to (Leader:0,ISR:0,LeaderEpoch:0,ControllerEpoch:2) (kafka.controller.PartitionStateMachine)
      [2014-11-03 13:12:50,667] INFO [Replica state machine on controller 0]: Invoking state change to OnlineReplica for replicas [Topic=JobJTopic,Partition=0,Replica=0] (kafka.controller.ReplicaStateMachine)
      [2014-11-03 13:12:50,794] WARN [Controller-0-to-broker-0-send-thread], Controller 0 fails to send a request to broker id:0,host:DMIPVM,port:9092 (kafka.controller.RequestSendThread)
      java.io.EOFException: Received -1 when reading from channel, socket has likely been closed.
      at kafka.utils.Utils$.read(Utils.scala:381)
      at kafka.network.BoundedByteBufferReceive.readFrom(BoundedByteBufferReceive.scala:54)
      at kafka.network.Receive$class.readCompletely(Transmission.scala:56)
      at kafka.network.BoundedByteBufferReceive.readCompletely(BoundedByteBufferReceive.scala:29)
      at kafka.network.BlockingChannel.receive(BlockingChannel.scala:108)
      at kafka.controller.RequestSendThread.doWork(ControllerChannelManager.scala:146)
      at kafka.utils.ShutdownableThread.run(ShutdownableThread.scala:60)
      [2014-11-03 13:12:50,965] ERROR [Controller-0-to-broker-0-send-thread], Controller 0 epoch 2 failed to send request Name:UpdateMetadataRequest;Version:0;Controller:0;ControllerEpoch:2;CorrelationId:43;ClientId:id_0-host_null-port_9092;AliveBrokers:id:0,host:DMIPVM,port:9092;PartitionState:[JobJTopic,0] -> (LeaderAndIsrInfo:(Leader:0,ISR:0,LeaderEpoch:0,ControllerEpoch:2),ReplicationFactor:1),AllReplicas:0) to broker id:0,host:DMIPVM,port:9092. Reconnecting to broker. (kafka.controller.RequestSendThread)
      at kafka.network.BlockingChannel.send(BlockingChannel.scala:97)
      at kafka.controller.RequestSendThread.liftedTree1$1(ControllerChannelManager.scala:132)
      at kafka.controller.RequestSendThread.doWork(ControllerChannelManager.scala:131)
      at kafka.utils.ShutdownableThread.run(ShutdownableThread.scala:60)


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