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Messages silently Lost by producer



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      we lost millions of messages because of this try/catch in the producer DefaultEventHandler:

      If a Throwable is caught by this try/catch, the retry policy will have no effect and all yet-to-be-sent messages are lost (the error will break the loop over the broker list).
      This issue is very hard to detect because: the producer (async or sync) cannot even catch the error, and all the metrics are updated as if everything was fine.

      Only the abnormal drop in the producers network I/O, or the incoming message rate on the brokers; or the alerting on errors in producer logs could have revealed the issue.

      This behavior was introduced by KAFKA-300. I can't see a good reason for it, so here is a patch that will let the retry-policy do its job when such a Throwable occurs.

      Thanks in advance for your help.


      ps: you might wonder how could this try/catch ever caught something? DefaultEventHandler#groupMessagesToSet looks so harmless.

      Here are the details:
      We use Snappy compression. When the native snappy library is not installed on the host, Snappy, during the initialization of class org.xerial.snappy.Snappy will write a C library in the JVM temp directory java.io.tmpdir.

      In our scenario, java.io.tmpdir was a subdirectory of /tmp. After an instance reboot (thank you AWS!), the JVM temp directory was removed. The JVM was then running with a non-existing temp dir. Snappy class would be impossible to initialize and the following message would be silently logged:

      ERROR [2014-10-07 22:23:56,530] kafka.producer.async.DefaultEventHandler: Failed to send messages
      ! java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class org.xerial.snappy.Snappy


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