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Disabling scheduled rebalance delay in Connect can lead to indefinitely unassigned connectors and tasks



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      Kafka Connect supports deferred resolution of imbalances when using the incremental rebalancing algorithm introduced in KIP-415. When enabled, this feature introduces a configurable delay period between when "lost" assignments (i.e., connectors and tasks that were assigned to a worker in the previous round of rebalance but are not assigned to a worker during the current round of rebalance) are detected and when they are reassigned to a worker. The delay can be configured with the scheduled.rebalance.max.delay.ms property.

      If this property is set to 0, then there should be no delay between when lost assignments are detected and when they are reassigned. Instead, however, this configuration can cause lost assignments to be withheld during a rebalance, remaining unassigned until the next rebalance, which, because scheduled delays are disabled, will not happen on its own and will only take place when unrelated conditions warrant it (such as the creation or deletion of a connector, a worker joining or leaving the cluster, new task configs being generated for a connector, etc.).


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