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Kafka consumer stops LeaderFinder/FetcherThreads, but application does not know

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    • clients, consumer
    • linux, rhel 6.4


      We encounter an issue of consumers not consuming messages in production. ( this consumer has its own consumer group, and just consumes one topic of 3 partitions.)

      Based on the logs, we have following findings:
      1. Zookeeper session expires, kafka highlevel consumer detected this event, and released old broker parition ownership and re-register consumer.
      2. Upon creating ephemeral path in Zookeeper, it found that the path still exists, and try to read the content of the node.
      3. After read back the content, it founds the content is same as that it is going to write, so it logged as "[ZkClient-EventThread-428-ZK/kafka] (kafka.utils.ZkUtils$) - /consumers/consumerA/ids/consumerA-1400815740329-5055aeee exists with value { "pattern":"static", "subscription":

      { "TOPIC": 1}

      , "timestamp":"1400846114845", "version":1 } during connection loss; this is ok", and doing nothing.
      4. After that, it throws exception indicated that the cause is "org.apache.zookeeper.KeeperException$NoNodeException: KeeperErrorCode = NoNode for /consumers/consumerA/ids/consumerA-1400815740329-5055aeee" during rebalance.
      5. After all retries failed, it gave up retry and left the LeaderFinderThread, FetcherThread stopped.

      Step 3 looks very weird, checking the code, there is timestamp contains in the stored data, it may be caused by Zookeeper issue.

      But what I am wondering is that whether it is possible to let application (kafka client users) to know that the underline LeaderFinderThread and FetcherThread are stopped, like allowing application to register some callback or throws some exception (by invalidate the KafkaStream iterator for example)? For me, it is not reasonable for the kafka client to shutdown everything and wait for next rebalance, and let application wait on iterator.hasNext() without knowing that there is something wrong underline.

      I've read about twiki about kafka 0.9 consumer rewrite, and there is a ConsumerRebalanceCallback interface, but I am not sure how long it will take to be ready, and how long it will take for us to migrate.

      Please help to look at this issue. Thanks very much!



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