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The Exception Throwing Behavior of Transactional Producer is Inconsistent

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      There's an issue for inconsistent error throwing inside Kafka Producer when transactions are enabled. In short, there are two places where the received error code from the brokers would be eventually thrown to the caller:

      • Recorded on the batch's metadata, via "Sender#failBatch"
      • Recorded on the txn manager, via "txnManager#handleFailedBatch".

      The former would be thrown from 1) the `Future<RecordMetadata>` returned from the `send`; or 2) the `callback` inside `send(record, callback)`. Whereas, the latter would be thrown from `producer.send()` directly in which we call `txnManager.maybeAddPartition -> maybeFailWithError`. However, when thrown from the former, it's not wrapped hence the direct exception (e.g. ClusterAuthorizationException), whereas in the latter it's wrapped as, e.g. KafkaException(ClusterAuthorizationException). And which one would be thrown depend on a race condition since we cannot control by the time the caller thread calls `txnManager.maybeAddPartition`, if the previous produceRequest's error has been sent back or not.

      For example consider the following sequence for idempotent producer:

      1. caller thread: within future = producer.send(), call recordAccumulator.append

      2. sender thread: drain the accumulator, send the produceRequest and get the error back.

      3. caller thread: within future = producer.send(), call txnManager.maybeAddPartition, in which we would check `maybeFailWithError` before `isTransactional`.

      4. caller thread: future.get()

      In a sequence where then 3) happened before 2), we would only get the raw exception at step 4; in a sequence where 2) happened before 3), then we would throw the exception immediately at 3).

      This inconsistent error throwing is pretty annoying for users since they'd need to handle both cases, but many of them actually do not know this trickiness. We should make the error throwing consistent, e.g. we should consider: 1) which errors would be thrown from callback / future.get, and which would be thrown from the `send` call directly, and these errors should better be non-overlapping, 2) whether we should wrap the raw error or not, we should do so consistently.



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