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batch drain for nodes might have starving issue



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      问题代码 problem code



      问题出在这个, private int drainIndex;

      The problem is this,private int drainIndex;

      代码预期 code expectations

      这端代码的逻辑, 是计算出发往每个Node的ProducerBatchs,是批量发送。

      因为发送一次的请求量是有限的(max.request.size), 所以一次可能只能发几个ProducerBatch. 那么这次发送了之后, 需要记录一下这里是遍历到了哪个Batch, 下次再次遍历的时候能够接着上一次遍历发送。



      The logic of the code at this end is to calculate the ProducerBatchs sent to each Node, which is sent in batches.

      Because the amount of requests sent at one time is limited (max.request.size), only a few ProducerBatch may be sent at a time. Then after sending this time, you need to record which Batch is traversed here, and the next time you traverse it again Can continue the last traversal send.

      Simply put, it is as follows





      实际情况 The actual situation

      但是呢, 因为上面的索引drainIndex 是一个全局变量, 是RecordAccumulator共享的。

      那么通常会有很多个Node需要进行遍历, 上一个Node的索引会接着被第二个第三个Node接着使用,那么也就无法比较均衡合理的让每个TopicPartition都遍历到.

      正常情况下其实这样也没有事情, 如果不出现极端情况的下,基本上都能遍历到。

      怕就怕极端情况, 导致有很多TopicPartition不能够遍历到,也就会造成一部分消息一直发送不出去。

      However, because the index drainIndex above is a global variable shared by RecordAccumulator.

      Then there are usually many Nodes that need to be traversed, and the index of the previous Node will be used by the second and third Nodes, so it is impossible to traverse each TopicPartition in a balanced and reasonable manner.

      Under normal circumstances, there is nothing wrong with this. If there is no extreme situation, it can basically be traversed.

      I'm afraid of extreme situations, which will result in many TopicPartitions that cannot be traversed, and some messages will not be sent out all the time.

      造成的影响 impact


      As a result, some messages cannot be sent out, or can take a long time to be sent out.

      触发异常情况的一个Case /  A Case that triggers an exception


      1. 生产者向3个Node发送消息
      2. 每个Node都是3个TopicPartition
      3. 每个TopicPartition队列都一直源源不断的写入消息、
      4. max.request.size 刚好只能存放一个ProdcuerBatch的大小。


      开始的时候 drainIndex=0. 开始遍历第一个Node-0。 Node-0 准备开始遍历它下面的几个队列中的ProducerBatch,遍历一次 则drainIndex+1,发现遍历了一个队列之后,就装满了这一批次的请求。

      那么开始遍历Node-1,这个时候则drainIndex=1,首先遍历到的是 第二个TopicPartition。然后发现一个Batch之后也满了。

      那么开始遍历Node-1,这个时候则drainIndex=2,首先遍历到的是 第三个TopicPartition。然后发现一个Batch之后也满了。







      The case scenario is as follows:

      Producer sends message to 3 Nodes
      Each Node is 3 TopicPartitions
      Each TopicPartition queue has been continuously writing messages,
      max.request.size can only store the size of one ProdcuerBatch.

      It is these conditions that cause each Node to receive only one PrdoucerBatch message in the TopicPartition queue.

      At the beginning drainIndex=0. Start traversing the first Node-0. Node-0 is ready to start traversing the ProducerBatch in several queues below it. After traversing once, drainIndex + 1. After traversing a queue, it is full of requests for this batch.

      Then start traversing Node-1. At this time, drainIndex=1, and the second TopicPartition is traversed first. Then I found that a Batch was also full.

      Then start traversing Node-1. At this time, drainIndex=2, and the third TopicPartition is traversed first. Then I found that a Batch was also full.

      After this Node traversal is over, the message is sent

      Then the above request process is followed, then drainIndex=3 at this time.

      Traversing Node-0, which TopicPartition is obtained by taking the modulo calculation at this time? Isn't that the first one? Equivalent to the following process is exactly the same as above.

      As a result, the ProducerBatch in the second and third TopicPartition queues of each Node can never be traversed.

      It can't be sent.


      解决方案  solution




      Only each Node needs to maintain its own index.





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