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Untrimmed Index files cause premature log segment deletions on startup



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      KIP-263 appears to have introduced a change explicitly deciding to not call the sanityCheck method on the time or offset index files that are loaded by Kafka at startup. I found a particularly nasty bug using the following configuration

      jvm=1.8.0_191 zfs= kernel=4.4.0-1013-aws kafka=2.4.1

      The bug was that the retention period for a topic or even the broker level configuration seemed to not be respected, no matter what, when the broker started up it would decide that all log segments on disk were breaching the retention window and the data would be purged away.


      Found deletable segments with base offsets [11610665,12130396,12650133] due to retention time 86400000ms breach 
      Rolled new log segment at offset 12764291 in 1 ms. (kafka.log.Log)
      Scheduling segments for deletion List(LogSegment(baseOffset=11610665, size=1073731621, lastModifiedTime=1592532125000, largestTime=0), LogSegment(baseOffset=12130396, size=1073727967, lastModifiedTime=1592532462000, largestTime=0), LogSegment(baseOffset=12650133, size=235891971, lastModifiedTime=1592532531000, largestTime=0)) 

      Further logging showed that this issue was happening when loading the files, indicating the final writes to trim the index were not successful

      DEBUG Loaded index file /mnt/kafka-logs/test_topic-0/00000000000017221277.timeindex with maxEntries = 873813, maxIndexSize = 10485760, entries = 873813, lastOffset = TimestampOffset(0,17221277), file position = 10485756 (kafka.log.TimeIndex)

       It looks like the initially file is preallocated (10MB by default) and index entries are added over time. When it's time to roll to a new log segment, the index file is supposed to be trimmed, removing any 0 bytes left at the tail from the initial allocation. But, in some cases that doesn't seem to happen successfully. Because 0 bytes at the tail may not have been removed, when the index is loaded again after restarting Kafka, the buffer seeks the position to the end and the next timestamp is 0 and this leads to a premature TTL deletion of the log segments.


      I tracked the issue down to being caused by the jvm version being used as upgrading resolved this issue, but I think that Kafka should never delete data by mistake like this as doing a rolling restart with this bug in place would cause complete data-loss across the cluster.



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