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Dirty tasks may be recycled instead of closed



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Resolved
    • Priority: Blocker
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: None
    • Fix Version/s: 2.6.0
    • Component/s: streams
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      We recently added a guard to `Task#closeClean` to make sure we don't accidentally clean-close a dirty task, but we forgot to also add this check to `Task#closeAndRecycleState`. This meant an otherwise dirty task could be closed clean and recycled into a new task when it should have just been closed.

      This manifest as an NPE in our test application. Specifically, task 1_0 was active on StreamThread-2 but reassigned as a standby. During handleRevocation we hit a TaskMigratedException while flushing the tasks and bailed on trying to flush and commit the remainder. This left task 1_0 with dirty keys in the suppression buffer and the `commitNeeded` flag still set to true.

      During handleAssignment, we should have closed all the tasks with pending state as dirty (ie any task with commitNeeded = true). Since we don't know about the TaskMigratedException we hit during handleRevocation, we rely on the guard in Task#closeClean` to throw an exception and force the task to be closed dirty.

      Unfortunately, we left this guard out of `closeAndRecycleState`, which meant task 1_0 was able to slip through without being closed dirty. Once reinitialized as a standby task, we eventually tried to commit it. The suppression buffer of course tried to flush its remaining dirty keys from its previous life as an active task. But since it's now a standby task, it should not be sending anything to the changelog and has a null RecordCollector. We tried to access it, and hit the NPE.


      The fix is simple, we just need to add the guard in closeClean to closeAndRecycleState as well


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