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does not properly handle NodeSet returned by extension function



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      Per the documentation, my function is returning a BasicNodeSet containing zero
      or more pointers:

      public static NodeSet observations(ExpressionContext context) {
      // the cast below shouldn't break, as this is the only pointer type that
      // makes sense in this context
      List<NodePointer> ptrs = extractObservations(
      new ArrayList<NodePointer>());
      BasicNodeSet result = new BasicNodeSet();
      for (NodePointer ptr : ptrs)

      { result.add(ptr); }

      return result;

      However, if I call JXPathContext.selectNodes("ems:observations()"), I'm getting
      a single node containing the BasicNodeSet. I notice that there is a testcase for
      functions that return NodeSets, but that it uses expressions that actually
      return the children of the NodeSet ("test:nodeSet()/name").

      There appear to be two problems. First, Expression.iterate() and
      Expression.iteratePointers() do not correctly recognize a NodeSet as something
      iterable. I've resolved this by reaching into the NodeSet and getting an
      iterator over its pointers.

      Second, Expression.PointerIterator doesn't recognize when it already has a
      pointer, and instead tries to wrap it in a new pointer. This ends up treating
      the pointer as a bean.

      I've made these changes, and written a testcase that uses an unadorned NodeSet
      function. I also found a class that used a variable named "enum", and changed
      this so that it would compile under 1.5.

      The patch is attached. It's relative to "commons-jxpath-1.2" (root of extract


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          Keith D Gregory
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          Matthew Jason Benson



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