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combineCategoryBags findQualifier not performing correctly when used in find_business call



      The same issue as described in JUDDI-456 seems to be present when issuing a find_business call containing the combineCategoryBags findQualifier.

      Taking the same example as described in JUDDI-456, when I issue the query:

      <keyedReference keyValue="value-z" tModelKey="uddi:tmodel:01"/>
      <keyedReference keyValue="value-x" tModelKey="uddi:tmodel:02"/>

      I get no results.

      According to my understanding of the spec, the categoryBags under businessEntity, businessService and bindingTemplate should be combined when resolving this query:

      "In the case of find_business, this qualifier makes the categoryBag entries for the full businessEntity element behave as though all categoryBag elements found at the businessEntity level and in all contained or referenced businessService elements and bindingTemplate elements were combined. Searching for a category will yield a positive match on a registered business if any of the categoryBag elements contained within the full businessEntity element (including the categoryBag elements within contained or referenced businessService elements or bindingTemplate elements) contains the filter criteria."

      I was also able to produce a similar unexpected result when first issuing a find_business query (without the combineCategoryBags qualifier) that returns a result, then adding the combineCategoryBags findQualifier and issuing the query again. The second time I no longer get results.




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