Component Lead Description
Authentication & Authorization ajaquith Andrew Jaquith Security, Authentication, etc. should go here
Build system Issues regarding Maven or Ant builds
Core & storage jalkanen Janne Jalkanen JSPWiki backend; storage; providers.
Documentation & website Either the built-in documentation or documentation on the web site. Also includes the Incubator web site.
Editors Any of the JSPWiki editors: plain, FCK, WikiWizard
Filters jalkanen Janne Jalkanen Any issues on JSPWiki PageFilters should be reported to this component.
Integration Testing Integration testing
Localization jalkanen Janne Jalkanen Any localization or internationalization issues should go to this component.
Plugins jalkanen Janne Jalkanen Any issues with JSPWiki plugins should be here
Search Anything to do with search on the wiki
Servlet Container/Java compatibility This is the component for all Servlet Container and/or Java version incompatibilities.
Templates and UI brushed brushed The default template. Browser compatibility & other issues.
Unit Testing Unit tests