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IndexPlugin does not list all pages



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    • JSPWIKI 2.8.2 with websphere running on AIX


      We have noticed that the IndexPlugin does not list all pages with the wiki. We discovered this because two users (from other divisions) both created a page with a very similar name, the first one in capitals, the other one with only one letter in lower case.

      I was able to reproduce this problem. I created all 16 combinations of upper and lower case for the word "TEST" (see attachment). This resulted in 8 different wiki pages. Only 6 of them are listed in the output of the IndexPlugin (see attachment).

      We have noticed another strange behaviour of the IndexPlugin, perhaps related to the same cause. In the output of this plugin, there are empty entries appearing : <entry1>, , <entry2>. What even makes it stranger is that these empty entries are appearing at random places. After a refresh of the pageindex page in the browser, the empty entries occur at another place in the document. Sometimes there are no such empty entries, sometimes there is only one, and sometimes there are several (mostly 2). Luckily this behaviour reproduced itself for the "test" pages I created (see above). It looks that the empty entries are "real" pages which aren't listed.


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