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Gradually replace mootools js library by native js/css3

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      Over the past years, web standards in modern browsers (html, css, js) have rapidly evolved.  Large javascript libraries (jspwiki uses mootools)  have become less needed  (eg less need for cross-browser hacks) and most of them have stopped active development.

      • better dom manipulation api's are supported natively
      • advanced animation / transition effects are supported by css with better performance
      • the size of js to be loaded can be reduced
      • syntactical utilities can be replaced by using latest evolution of javascript language  

      Adopting native browser features implies to stop supporting (very) old browsers.
      For JSPWiki  =>

      • provide support for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, Opera. (current/stable version)
      • IE11 will be supported, but support for IE10 and earlier is dropped

      If older browsers would still be required,  polyfills could be used. 




      We will adopt "vanilla" JS wherever possible;  with the help of a small set of helper js functions; to keep the javascript light and readable.
      (inspired by Lea Verou's Bliss project)

      The transition of JSPWIKI will be done gradually.  We've actually started already to adopt new css and js features in the past.
      From 2.11.0-M4 we will actively start replacing the mootools api in existing javascript routines.







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