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Space Navigator does not render the list of spaces as intended


    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 2.2.1
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      Maybe Major?

      I added the Space Navigator portlet onto the Space Home page of a Space I added.

      I also added the Page Navigator portlet.

      On one the list of Spaces is displayed as a popup when I hover the portlet with the mouse. I can't click any of these list elements because the popup loses focus as soon as I reach it with the cursor.

      On the other the list of Pages is dispalyed as a list contained within the area covered by the portlet. This is rendered as a regular list which items I can click on.


      • as admin add a space
      • on the default page insert, with help of the Tolbox the following two portlets of the Administration category (on my jetspeed installation these are the first to be displayed when I select Administration)
      • compare each portlets behavior as described above

      EXP: to see a list of links to the spaces in the Space Navigator in a similar way that I can see a list of links to the pages in the Pages Administrator.
      ACT: the Space Administrator is initially presenting a blank area. When one hovers the mouse over it, a menu pops up with expected spaces showing up, but none of them can be clicked because the menu is dismissed when the cursor of the mouse reaches it.

      I've attached a screenshot (navigator) as a matter of illustration.


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