Component Lead Description
Aggregation Engine Aggregates the output of all the Jetspeed managed components
Cache Local and Disk cache systems for storing portlet content
Customizer Tool used to define portlets the appear in a user's or group's named portal, i.e. default.psml
Database Problems around the database interaction.
Distribution Problems specific to packaging and distribution. Including the contents of the tar, war, and zip files.
Documentation User and Developer Documentation
Examples Problems with the Examples included with Jetspeed.
Fusion taylor David Sean Taylor
JSP JSP processing and the Jetspeed Tag Library
Layout Components the affect the how portlet content is presented in the portal. This includes Controllers, Controls, and Skins.
Login User login and authentication
Miscellaneous Problem/Bug does not fit into any other component.
Plugin Mark Orciuch
Portlet API The interface between Jetspeed and portlets.
Portlet Container The container handles the registration, creation and destruction of portlets as well as dispatching the user requests to the appropriate portlet and gathering the generated output
Portlets Default portlets provided with Jetspeed. This includes the JSP, RSS, Turbine, Velocity, WebPagePortlet, and XSL portlet types. It excludes the Customizer and JSP/Turbine/Velocity related problems.
Profiler Profiler
PSML Management of Portal Structure Markup Language (PSML)
Registry Management of Registry entries like Controllers, Controls, Portlets, and Skins
Rewriter David Sean Taylor
Security Management and application of Portlet security
Syndication OCS Feeds and RSS channels management
Turbine Main interface between the Turbine layout system and Jetspeed aggregation and customization engines
Velocity Velocity processing and content generation.
Web Server Interaction between Jetspeed and a Web Server. Examples include problems interacting with Firewalls or Proxy servers, and the manipulation of the content return by a Web server into portlet content. This component usually includes problems specific to the WebPagePortlet.
Web Services Web Services
WML Problems related to the WML media-type.