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Process for providing post-release notes for tck users



      There is a README.txt file that is checked in to the top-level of trunk, releases, and branches. It is distributed with each source package. To provide release notes that become available after the release is built, I suggest adding the line "View the latest version of this file online.", with a link to the online version (which of course will have this self-referential line).

      Each branch has its own version of README.txt. When a maintenance release (e.g. 2.1) needs to be updated, we add a new bug fix branch (e.g. 2.1.1). We don't create a release from this branch, but tell users to check it out of svn. When we provide a bug fix release to a maintenance release we need to update README.txt in the parent branch, adding the following line: "This release has been deprecated. Please use version 2.x.y.", with a link to the svn web interface for that version.


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