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HierarchyManager become unsynchronized among processes after a session.move operation


    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Open
    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Affects Version/s: 2.2.5
    • Fix Version/s: None
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    • Environment:
      Two machines M1, M2

      M1: OS X 10.6.6
      M2: WIN7 (as a VirtualBox machine)

      On both machines
      JRE 1.6



      Two machines (M1, M2) ; M1 is running a process P1 and M2 is running the process P2
      P1 and P2 create one single repository instance (through Spi2davexRepositoryServiceFactory) and reuse it to open/close multiple sessions.

      Use case

      In P1
      1. Create the following content
      2. create a new session
      3. Use (session.move()) in order to move the node /test/file.txt to /test/sub/file.txt
      4. save the changes (session.save())
      5. Close the session

      In P2
      1. Create a new session
      2. Get the moved node (Node n = session.getNode(/test/sub/file.txt)) -> works fine
      3. Get a property on the node (n.getProperty("jcr:content/jcr:lastModified")) -> throws a PathNotFoundException, eventhough the property exists in the repository (can be checked with an third process creating a new repository instance)
      4. Close the session


      • No Parallelism, P2 is run right after P1's step 5.
      • The PathNotFoundException is always thrown in P2.
      • On P2, Refreshing the session after the step 2. does not help.
      • The cache behavior is the default one, not CacheBehaviour.OBSERVATION


      In P2, the PathNotFound Exception is thrown in
      HierarchyManagerImpl.getPropertyEntry(Path qPath)
      // no valid ancestor node entry
      // -> if cnes are complete -> assume that it doesn't exist.
      // refresh will bring up new entries added in the mean time
      // on the persistent layer.
      if (entry.childNodeEntries.isComplete()) {
      throw new PathNotFoundException(factory.saveGetJCRPath(path)); // HERE THROWS AN EXCEPTION (SEE DETAIL BELOW)
      The try.childNodeEntries.isComplete() returns true when it should not. More in detail, the isComplete method gives:
      public boolean isComplete()

      { // HERE: complete = true, parent.status = EXISTING return (parent.getStatus() != Status.INVALIDATED && complete) || parent.getStatus() == Status.NEW || Status.isTerminal(parent.getStatus()); }


      The parent.getStatus == EXISTING and I guess it should be invalidated due to the move operation.
      Anyway, it seems that the HierarchyManager get messed up


      In P2, (step 1.) Get the session from a new Repository instance instead of reusing it.


      I'll add a test case to demo it later.




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