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      with jsr 283 the jcr path is defined to consist of a combination of the following segments

      • a name segment, (J, I), where J is a JCR name and I is an integer index (I ≥ 1).
      • an identifier segment, U, where U is a JCR identifier.
      • the root segment.
      • the self segment.
      • the parent segment.

      -> the name segment can be in extended or qualified form -> see issue JCR-1712
      > the identifier segment is new for jsr283 and always identifies a node (> see new method Node.getIdentifier())

      Non-standard parts always need to be standardized. Any of the following makes a path non-standard:

      • expanded name segments
      • trailing /
      • index [1]


      • get resolved upon being passed to any API calls that take path to an existing Node
      • don't get resolved when being used to create a PATH value object.

      Except for PATH values, all jcr paths returned by the API are normalized and standard, thus never identifier-based.

      PATH values in contrast:

      • must be converted to standard form
      • must NOT be normalized. i.e. redundant segments and identifiers must be preserved.


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