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    • Fix Version/s: core 1.4.10, 1.6
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      AbstractRecord keeps a list of already used UUIDs and references
      them by index when used again in a record. Using a List does not
      scale well, when the record grows larger. e.g. a transaction of
      10k nodes takes more than a minute on my machine when the journal
      is enabled. Most of the time is spent doing List.indexOf() in

      1. JCR-1988.patch
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        Marcel Reutegger


        Jukka Zitting made changes -
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        Fix Version/s 1.5.8 [ 12314209 ]
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        Marcel Reutegger made changes -
        Fix Version/s 1.5.8 [ 12314209 ]
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        Fix Version/s core 1.4.10 [ 12314207 ]
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        Workflow jira [ 12452956 ] no-reopen-closed, patch-avail [ 12468146 ]
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        Fix Version/s 1.6.0 [ 12313459 ]
        Resolution Fixed [ 1 ]
        Status Open [ 1 ] Resolved [ 5 ]
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