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Jackrabbit depends on Oracle driver for BLOB support in Oracle versions previous than 10.2


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    • Affects Version/s: 2.0-beta5
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      In Oracle versions previous to 10.2, Jackrabbit explicitly uses a class from the Oracle driver to provide BLOB support (see OracleFileSystem.init()). This special handling is no longer necesary for Oracle 10.2+, so we should provide a new implementation. As discussed on the list, we can create a new class for Oracle 10.2+, make it inherit from DbFileSystem, and override the createSchema(), and table space related methods, which are the ones that need special handling. Furthermore, we could refactor the current OracleFileSystem and break it into two clases, one of them to keep the current behavior and a new one to keep the common code (which we could rename to OracleBaseFileSystem or similar, to maintain compatiblity with code that uses OracleFileSystem for versions previous to 10.2). Then we make the Oracle10FileSystem inherit from the latter.

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        Comment [ Actually in the most recent versions of the Oracle driver (11) we no longer need the Oracle BLOB specific code. And the new driver solves this even for older versions of Oracle. If you're interested I have a patch for that also. But it's not clear to me if it's acceptable to Jackrabbit to have a dependency on the latest version of the driver ?

        Here is the extract from the README for the new driver :

        "New Factory Methods
        The JDBC 4.0 spec for java.sql.Connection includes factory methods
        for creating instances of the standard JDBC types, Array, Blob,
        Clob, etc. Building on this concept Oracle JDBC 11R1
        oracle.jdbc.OracleConnection provides factory methods for creating
        instances of the Oracle specific types. Best practice is to use
        the standard JDBC types and the new factory methods. When it is
        necessary to use the Oracle specific types best practice is to
        create them via the new factory methods. Direct customer access to
        the the constructors for these types will be deprecated and later
        desupported. The supported types are all those in oracle.sql,
        TIMESTAMP, etc."

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