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Choose the MySQL engine for database storage (default to MyISAM)


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    • Affects Version/s: core 1.4.1
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    • Component/s: jackrabbit-core
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      MySQL with NDB Cluster engine


      The MySQL scripts embedded into Jackrabbit does not specify the engine to use.
      So by default MyISAM is used and we cannot change this.

      But, depending on the environment we may want to use an alternate engine like
      InnoDB (for transaction support) or in my case NDB Cluster (for high availability).

      We can still manually created the tables and then set the wanted engine, but it would
      be better if there was a parameter for the engine for component in the repository.xml
      for automatic table creation.

      1. jackrabbit-1.4.x-mysql-engine.patch
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        Sébastien Launay
      2. jackrabbit-1.4.x-mysql-engine-2008-04-28.patch
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        Sébastien Launay
      3. jackrabbit-trunk-mysql-engine.patch
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        Sébastien Launay
      4. jackrabbit-trunk-mysql-engine-2008-04-28.patch
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        Sébastien Launay


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