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Add API for selective bundle consistency check (Jackrabbit-specific)


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    • Fix Version/s: 1.3.4, core 1.4.3
    • Component/s: jackrabbit-core
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      Add a jackrabbit-specific API for doing a selective consistencyCheck, ie. on single nodes. The current entire-workspace check can be very slow if there workspace is large enough. Also it should be easy to write a tool to invoke that feature programmatically rather than by configuration + restart (see below).

      Existing Implementation:
      The current bundle consistencyCheck feature is enabled by setting a bundle PM parameter and restarting Jackrabbit, it will then run upon startup (see JCR-972 for the only issue regarding bundle consistency check). This check looks for broken parent-child relationships, ie. it will remove any child node entries that reference non-existing parent nodes. For non-existing parent UUIDs and other problems in bundles it will log those.

      An advanced consistencyCheck could also check for non-existing version nodes and vice-versa (see JCR-630), but this is not the focus of this issue and could be a later addition to the API.

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