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Move SimpleWebdavServlet to jcr-server and make it abstract



      In line with isse JCR-417, I suggest to partially move the SimpleWebdavServlet from the jcr-webapp project to the jcr-server project. By partially I mean, that the new (moved) servlet will be abstract and the getRepository() method will be abstract. The jcr-webapp project will still contain a SimpleWebdavServlet (for backwards compatibility maintaing the same name) which just extends the new servlet and implements the getRepository() method using the RepositoryAccess servlet.

      This allows for the reuse of the jcr-server project including the abstract SimpleWebdavServlet in other environments. My intention is to include this project (along with the webdav) project in Sling.

      Will provide a patch for this proposal

      (This issue is separated out of JCR-1262 as suggested by Angela)

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        Felix Meschberger

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