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DatabaseFileSystem and DatabasePersistenceManager don't allow choice of db schema


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      I have a need to store my repository objects under a different db schema than the default for the rdbms (I'm using postgresql, so in my case the default is 'public')

      The current implementation of the DatabasePersistenceManager and DatabaseFileSystem do not support changing the schema.


      • schemaObjectPrefix allows the user to add a table prefix, but you cannot use this to set a schema ie <schema>.table, as the . is stripped out and replaced with an escaped version
      • schema param currently refers to a ddl resource, not what people would naturally think is the param to set the schema for the repository


      • rename the current schema -> schemaDDL
      • add an optional schema param which allows the user to select which schema they want to use
      • improve error messages so that when an incorrect schemaDDL is chosen the user doesn't have to dig through nabble etc to find an answer
      1. DatabaseFileSystem.java
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        Antonio Mota
      2. DatabasePersistenceManager.java
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      3. jackrabbit-core.patch
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        Kev Jackson
      4. JCR-1180_2.2.7.patch
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        Stephen Byrne
      5. postgresql.ddl
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        Antonio Mota
      6. postgresql.ddl
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        Antonio Mota
      7. TablePrefix.patch
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        Stephen Byrne
      8. TablePrefix.patch
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