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Live test failures for CloudStack against ACS 4.2 latest



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      I've been able to start running tests against the ACS 4.2 simulator (see https://github.com/vogxn/docs/blob/master/Marvin.md for how to set it up - basically, run every mvn command on there, then go find the user it creates besides admin, create API keys for that user, and run the jclouds live tests with that user's creds) and am finding a number of failures we can actually do something about (as well as a bunch of failures that are, I think, simulator-specific - listed below):

      • Any test that tries to create an instance and SSH into it, since the simulator instances obviously aren't real instances
      • HypervisorApiLiveTest, which expects to find the same hypervisor list for all zones as in a specific zone, which isn't the case since the only zone only supports the simulator hypervisor.
      • ISOApiLiveTest can create ISOs, and mark them public, but they never hit "ready" and so listing them fails.
      • TemplateApiLiveTest seems to only want to create/register templates on basic networks, and at the moment, the simulator only works with advanced networks.
      • VolumeApiLiveTest seems to be failing due to the simulator hypervisor not actually supporting attaching volumes, but I could be wrong about this.

      More work to come - thanks to tsp for getting me this far!




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