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Azure ARM Default Network



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      For Azure ARM, the default behaviour when creating a VM has changed with regards to VNETs/Subnets.

      Previously, if no networking configuration was provided JClouds would create a default VNET per region. The implementation of this can be found here. This was useful as it meant that a user could rely on VMs being able to access one another on their subnet IP addresses, even when a network was not provided (I believe this is the same as other clouds, but I am not too familiar with JClouds).

      Now, when no networking configuration is provided we create a VNET per group id. For our usage, this is a bit of a problem as it means by default each VM is getting it’s own network.

      To see a history of these changes please see the commit here that moved to having a VNET per resource group and then here, that moved to using just the groupID.

      I propose we go back to the old way, where we have a default resource group, VNET and subnet per region. This will mean that by default, VMs will be able to speak to each other on there private IPs. If that is not possible, could we have a template option that will allow us to turn this behaviour on?

      I am very happy to work on the solution myself, but would like direction form the community before investing too much time.




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