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JAMES slow down a lot when RecipientIsOverFixedQuota is active


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    • Affects Version/s: 2.3.0
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       Operating system: Windows XP SP2


      First I reproduced this bug on 2.3.0rc3 and 2.3.0rc4 and it's easy to reproduce it every time.

      To reproduce it:
      1/ Start James and create a user "userTest".
      2/ Send 5000 messages to "userTest" with a program you created for example. It is important to send the messages (10kos for example) with NO DELAY between one message and another one. With this, you will stress JAMES, which is the goal of this test.

      Now there is 2 possibilities:

      • Either you have let the file config.xml with no mailet RecipientIsOverFixedQuota and in this case there is no problem, the messages stored temporaly in the SPOOL folder will not stay for a long time and will be stored in the userTest folder. This is the normal behaviour.
      • Or either you have changed the file config.xml by uncommentating the mailet RecipientIsOverFixedQuota to be activ. In this case, if you open the SPOOL folder, you will notice that it takes a MUCH MORE long time to put them in the userTest folder.

      Nota: I understand why it slows down, it's because JAMES has to check the size of the userTest folder EVERYTIME a message is send. This operation takes time.

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