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[PATCH] Introduce Unit Testing

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      Patch, which incorporates Unit Testing into James project infrastructure.
      Since there was no reaction on the dev-list since I proposed it a few days ago, I'm uncertain if this is appreciated at all.

      I think unit testing could become vital for
      + helping QA
      + supporting refactorings (e.g. relaxing avalon dependencies)
      + testing while implementing new features (like IMAP)
      + reproducing bugs
      + testing fixes

      I know that it's a long way to go to reach very good test-coverage.
      But there is no risk in starting.
      My determination would be to add 2 to 3 test methods per week.

      It already helped me a lot understanding how parts of James work, although this is only my first test for this codebase.

      The patch utilizes JUnit 3.8.1 (junit.jar) and Ristretto (ristretto-1.0-all.jar, can be found under http://columbo.sourceforge.net) which the build script expects to find under /tools/lib but which are not attached here in the first place.

      tests are compiled and run invoking > build run-unit-tests

      I'd feel more than happy about comments how to improve this testing infrastructure.


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          Bernd Fondermann
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          Bernd Fondermann
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          Bernd Fondermann
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          Bernd Fondermann


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