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      we did develop a multi-datacenter friendly
      POP3 server as a derivate of James distributed server.

      It fully avoids lightweight transactions (LWTs) and thus is efficient in
      a multi-datacenter setup.

      The regular James distributed server was a limiting factor: we
      encountered multiple errors linked to Lightweight transaction: read
      timeouts at consistency SERIAL.

      We thus proposed an alternative implementation of the POP3 mailbox,
      based on the messageId backed by a TimeUUID. TimeUUIDs have extremely
      low collision chances and their generation do not require any
      synchronisation. Also, given the POP3 support alone, monotic generation
      of UIDs and MODSEQs is not necessary, and collisions can be tolerated:
      we can thus rely on a random generation strategy. Along with options
      introduced in JAMES-3435 it allows not doing any (LWTs).

      We needed to introduce an additional Cassandra table: given a mailbox,
      list all the messages contained in it by their messageId - size is added
      to the projection for efficiency. This table is maintained via a mailbox
      listener. MessageId is then used for content retrieval and deletion.

      This POP3 implementation had been functionally tested with thunderbird.

      We did furthermore conduct performance tests on top of two datacenters.
      See [1] below as a reference.

      Given that there is traction for such a server (in the medical field a
      lot of people still uses POP3),
      Given the minimal amount of code written,
      Given that we might have one of the first multi-DC friendly MDA of the
      market (POP3 only),
      I propose to create a new distributed-pop3-server leveraging the above


      • write an ADR to further express the needs and the design,
      • open a Proof Of Concept pull request. It will be based on [2]

      [2] POC @linagora: https://github.com/linagora/james-project/pull/4321

      [1] Performance test exercising the distributed multiDC POP3 server


      • 2 DC of 3 Cassandra node each linked via VPN on a link with latencies
        of ~1ms. 2 cores 8 GB for each Cassandra.
      • 4 James nodes of 4 core and 16 GBs


      • Send 100 mail per second during 10 minutes to 80 users
      • Then STAT the mails in POP3
      • Then clean them up (DELE + QUIT)


      • The mail processing speed was 73 mail/seconds
      • We noticed 476 SERIAL read timeouts in the logs
      • UID / MODSEQ generation are the top queries upon LocalDelivery (40 ms+ !)


      • The mail processing speed improved to 85 mail/seconds
      • We did not notice any SERIAL read timeouts in the logs
      • Other cassandra queries did benefit from not co-existing with LWTs
        queries (~ 10% faster)
      • This performance test was conducted without random generation
        strategy UID and MODSEQs. Further enhancements would be expected with
        the exact above proposed design.


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