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Build Broken in HEAD revision



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      The developers of James have done a wonderful job with the concept of James up to this point although have been a little slow in the development process.

      However, I could not wait for the fixes to come in and so decided to tackle a few of the more critical problems myself... in trying to fix the large number of bugs in James I've found, and trying to test the IMAP implementation, I checked out the HEAD revision and attempted to build. Once I'd solved the dependency mess, I found that the code was actually broken in relation to the com.apache.james.util.connection.* classes and their super classes.

      I also found very little or no unit tests, so I could not determine what part of the code exactly was broken (or what it should do).

      The code base is pretty much a mess as far as I can tell but I can suggest a few things that would help keep this project on track: Use Agile, TDD processes in your development. Use Maven for a build system.

      I am willing to port the project to a Maven build if requested to do so.
      I would also like to see some unit test for this code.

      Yes, this ticket is pretty harsh, but as experienced developers, I expect better.




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