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      Apache James currently relies on commons-configuration, and thus on XML configuration files.

      As such the configuration process has several problems:

      • Working with XML is boiler plate
      • Working with file leads to a real lack of flexibility.
      • For instance, in a cluster environment, we would like all the James server to share the same configurations.
      • Also, in tests, we need to test the different configuration values. We can not do this without overwriting files, which is dangerous, and boilerplate.

      What we need is:

      • To represent all possible configuration via java objects.
      • Configuration providers should be able to convert the configuration stored into the java configuration object.
      • We should be able to inject different configuration providers from guice/spring.

      It would allow to specify alternative configuration backends (different formats, different storage techniques) and allow direct injection (for tests for instance).

      Here would be the steps for this work:

      • Add a Initializable class in lifecycle-api. This should be called by Guice and Sprint at initialization
      • configure in Configurable will save a Java object (parse the HierachicalConfiguration into a java object representing it's content). Initialization will then be done by Initializable.
      • Then we can move away, object by object, from the Configurable interface: We need to move the configuration parsing in a separated class (behind an interface). We can register ConfigurationProviders, with an XML/commons-configuration default implementation.
      • Deprecate Configurable.
      • Provide alternative configuration providers, for example, a Cassandra stored configuration provider


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