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IvyDE 2.2.0beta1 breaks using Run/Debug configurations with Ivy

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    • 2.2.0.beta1
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      In our multi-module ivy project we assemble services by composing them from (the artifacts of) the functionally-aligned modules

      For debugging/running in eclipse, we use the IvyDE classpath container in the run configuration as the only source of jar files (this avoids having to update loads of individual run configs with explicitly named jar files whenever a new dependency is required by something). This works very well with IvyDE 2.1.0 but breaks with IvyDE 2.2.0 beta1

      Here's we set up a new run configuration:

      • We have a dedicated 'ide' project to host run configurations.
      • We have 'resolve before run' set up in the ivyde global settings
      • In that project, we create a brand new run configuration in eclipse as normal.
      • When configuring it, we go to the classpath part and remove any existing 'User' entries. Then we add the IvyDE classpath container (via Advanced / Add Library...). This is configured as follows:
        #1 on the settings panel use the workspace button to navigate to ivy settings (within our build project, which must be in the workspace)
        #2 on the ivy file panel type in a path that is relative to the ide project root (ivy/MyServer.xml) where the ivy directory is immediately below project directory.
        #3 we have per project ivy.properties (to name the ivy branch, principally), so configure that on the same panel (ivy/ivy.properties)
      • Hit Run. IvyDE will moan a bit (it doesn't like relative path refs to ivy.xml) but it works.



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