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Resolve does not resolve consostently.



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      Ant .16.2


      I have a series of dependant projects that define 4 configurations (default,global,buildtime,test). The concept is that global contains all the "runtime" dependencise, buildtime has "buildtime" dependencies, etc. I am using defaultconf="default;global;buildtime;test" (basically saying that each of the configurations of a module, rely on the corresponding config of its dependant modules). Each module relies on the latest.integration revision

      I resolve via this : <ivy:resolve conf="*"/>

      This seems to all wok fine, except when I end up having moduels evicted. This started occuring when i made it so that the nightly build only build if there were changes to a module. So after a few nightlies i end up with the following moduels and revisions (revisions are based on the date - simplified just to numbers)

      A 1,2,3
      B 1,2
      C 1, 3,4
      D 1, 3,4,5

      Given the above when we go to build D5, it would pick up A3, B2 (which relies on A2), C4( which relies on B2,A3). This results in A2 being evicted.

      Now...the problem (whew)...when i do a resolve on "*" global and default pickup artifacts only defined for buildtime.
      If i only resolve a single config, it works fine. If i do "global, buildtime", buildtime includes all artifacts from global and buildtime, if i do "buildtime,global", global includes all global and buildtime artifacts.

      My current workaround is to resolve each config seperatly.

      Im workign on creating a simple set of ivy files to demostrate this.




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