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install task does not allow specification of conf



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      When running <ivy:install...> task there is no option to specify which config should be considered. As it is currently, it seems the default conf is the one that is used, therefore if a dependency exists which does not specify a mapping from master default conf, the dependency will not be included during the install. In that case the artifacts installed in the to resolver will not be able to resolve all needed artifacts under some configurations.

      For example, say I had a module defined as in the following example:
      <info organisation="my-org" module="my-module" revision="1.0"/>
      <conf name="default" visibility="public" description="runtime dependencies and master artifact can be used with this conf" extends="runtime,master"/>
      <conf name="endorsed" visibility="public" description="this scope is used for components/lib/endorsed dependencies."/>
      <artifact name="my-org" ext="jar"/>
      <dependency org="org.apache.xerces" name="xml-apis" rev="2.9.1" conf="endorsed->default"/>

      In that case the ant task to install this module from my-resolver to another-resolver would look something like this:
      <ivy:install organisation="my-org" module="my-module" revision="1.0" from="my-resolver" to="another-resolver" transitive="true" overwrite="true"/>
      This task would not install org.apache.xerces#xml-apis;2.9.1 onto another-resolver. As a result, using <ivy:retrieve...conf="endorsed"/> against another-resolver would fail since it would attempt to find dependency org.apache.xerces#xml-apis;2.9.1 which does not exist in the repository (since it was never installed).

      <ivy:install...> should have the option of specifying which configuration(s) should be considered. If not specified then it should default to * meaning all configurations defined in module being configured should be considered when locating which modules should be installed.


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