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install: wrong [type] declared in generated ivy file when multiple dependencies on same module in POM?



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      I'm installing a project (http://repo2.maven.org/maven2/com/hp/hpl/jena/jena/2.6.3/) to a local repository. One of the dependencies in the generated jena ivy file (on the iri 0.8 version project) declares an artifact of that project's source files as so -->

      <dependency org="com.hp.hpl.jena" name="iri" rev="0.8" force="true" conf="compile->compile(*),master(*);runtime->runtime(*)"> 
        <artifact name="iri" type="jar" ext="jar" conf="" m:classifier="sources"/> 

      This is in addition to a 'normal' dependency for the iri project which should scoop up the iri-0.8.jar file with the compiled classes in

      The original jena .pom file has two entries for iri-0.8, one for the class files in a jar and one for the sources, which declares a 'sources' classifier which is carried through faithfully to the ivy file. However, I would have thought ivy would have generated a [type] other than 'jar' for the sources (even though the sources file comes in a jar, I guess that is covered by 'ext="jar"'), as this is the type for the classes jar as well. The documentation would seem to indicate type should be 'source'..

      Thus, when jena's ivy file is processed by a bog-standard 'install' it copies only the iri-0.8-sources.jar (rather than the iri-0.8.jar and javadocs i want as well). I end up having to run a separate install on this project to grab all the artifacts in it.




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