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Improve support for bulk update




      As originally described in http://markmail.org/message/7uqgptkwkspai276

      The requirement is to be able to:
      a) provide the ability for some actions to be bulk-only
      b) provide a mechanism so that all objects selected to have a bulk action upon be able to interact with each other in the context of that action

      • for example, to pass information along
        c) for the return type of a bulk action to be respected rather than ignore
      • because there are many such returns, only the value of the last one should be acted up

      Tackling (a) first, that is an extension to the @Bulk annotation: @Bulk(BULK_AND_REGULAR) or @Bulk(BULK_ONLY)

      For (b), enhance the existing @Bulk.InteractionContext class so that can put or get user data.

      For (c), this is an enhancement to the Wicket viewer

      As a worked example of how to use these capabilties: we want to be able to update a bunch of objects, which then add themselves to some sort of wizard.

      public class ToDoItem {

      public ToDoItemBulkChangeWizard bulkUpdate() {
      Bulk.InteractionContext ctxt = Bulk.InteractionContext.get();
      ToDoItemBulkChangeWizard wizard = (ToDoItemBulkChangeWizard)ctxt.getIserData("wizard");
      if(wizard == null)

      { wizard = container.newViewModelInstance(ToDoItemBulkChangeWizard.class, new UUID().toString()); ctxt.setUserData("wizard", wizard); }

      return wizard;


      public class ToDoItemBulkChangeWizard extends AbstractViewModel {

      // viewModelInit() and viewModelMemento() omitted

      private List<ToDoItem> _items = Lists.newArrayList();
      public List<ToDoItem> getItems()

      { return _items; }

      public void add(ToDoItem item)

      { _items.add(item); }

      public ToDoItemBulkChangeWizard markAllAsCompleted() {
      for(ToDoItem item: _items)

      { item.complete(); }


      public ToDoItemBulkChangeWizard markAllAsNotYetCompleted() {
      for(ToDoItem item: _items)

      { item.notYetComplete(); }


      Note that the wizard above would need to serialize the _sites field somehow. The BookmarkServiceDefault (serialize each object to its oid string) and the ViewModelSupportDefault class (serialize a bunch of strings to a single string) should allow you to do this.




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