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Use javax.validation.constraints.Digits to specify length and scale for BigDecimal action parameters (to avoid JDO exceptions later).



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    • Affects Version/s: core-1.3.0
    • Fix Version/s: core-1.4.0
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      Using the JDO @Column annotation the length/scale of properties can be specified. However, there is no capability to capture these semantics for action parameters (and the @Column annotation cannot be specified for parameters, even if we thought that were a good idea).

      With no semantics, Isis currently infers the scale of a BigDecimal from the entered input. For example, entering "123.45" will parse to a BD with scale of 2, entering "123.4567" will parse to a BD with scale of 4.

      The problem, then, is that if a BD with too large a scale is assigned to a property with a lower scale, then JDO will throw an exception.

      So this ticket is to bring in a dependency on beanval 1.1 (JSR-349) such that we can reuse the semantics of its @javax.validation.constraint.Digits annotation:

      public class ToDoItem

      @javax.jdo.annotations.Column(length=10, scale=2)
      private Cost cost;

      public void updateCost(@javax.validation.constraint.Digits(integer=8,fraction=2) BigDecimal newCost)

      { setCost(cost); }


      In addition, it should be possible to add this annotation to properties too. If there is a mismatch between JDO and the Isis annotaitons, then a metamodel validation exception should be thrown.

      side note: ISIS-491 is to more fully integration bean validation... this is only a very small step.




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