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Improve the Wicket viewer's parsing of numbers




      1. silently ignores invalidly formatted numbers

      Noticed with BigDecimal (but also an issue for other numeric types)...

      "When a field is mandatory you can enter anything. There is no check if an actual value is number being entered.

      As an example: when a user enters 100,50 it is not being parsed as number but no feedback is returned ."

      In fact, looking at the code, the Wicket framework provides a bunch of IConverter implementations, which we should use. (Strangely, there is none for BigInteger, but can subclass AbstractIntegerConverter).

      [ done]

      2. Next up, finding that the , (thousands separator) and . (decimal point separator) are both allowed, but there is opportunity for confusion.

      Isis should always use the locale of the end-user (via the HTTP Accept-Language header), but a European user might not know that, and might assume that the system was running under En_US. Thus, the user could enter "12.23" (meaning 12 point 23) , and then the system would intrepret this under their local as 1223 (one thousand two hundred and twenty three).

      Thus, what we want is for the system to disallow the thousands (grouping) separator when entering a new value. However, the thousands should still be rendered when in view mode.

      3. Entering two many decimal places should be trapped and flagged as an error. Currently it throws an exception.

      4. When rendering big decimals, should pad with zeros to the required scale. for example, if the scale is 2, then "123.1" should be rendered as "123.10"




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