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      Per: ASF Graduation Guide:

      1. Update PMC Chair details (under , requires karma to have been granted to PMC Chair or an ASF member):

      • foundation/officers/affiliations.txt
      • DONE
      • foundation/officers/irs-disclosures.txt
      • DONE
      • committers/board/committee-info.txt
      • Section 1: Change chair
      • Section 2: selected Jan/Apr/Jul/Oct as 3 monthly schedule (since will do Nov/Dec/Jan for first 3 months post grad)
      • Section 3: Update old chair, update new chair
      • DONE

      Updated PMC details on project website

      • updated framework/pom.xml
      • DONE

      2. PMC Chair to subscribe to:

      • (via
      • (via

      DONE, subscriptions approved by the moderators of both lists.

      3. Infra transfer tasks

      as per:, (1)

      3a. root tasks

      subtask INFRA-5481 (cf INFRA-4070 from JMeter)

      • create a DNS entry "".
      • create:
      • the LDAP unix group "isis"
      • the LDAP committee group "isis"


      3b. add the Isis PMC/committers list as initial members of both:

      ssh -l danhaywood isis --add=danhaywood,rmatthews,kevin,themalkolm,dslaughter,jcvanderwal,mnour,struberg isis --add=danhaywood,rmatthews,kevin,themalkolm,dslaughter,jcvanderwal,mnour,struberg


      3c. Move source code (was previously ISIS-278, has been inlined here)

      subtask INFRA-5484



      3d. Move mailing lists (was previously ISIS-279, has been inlined here)

      subtask INFRA-5482 (cf INFRA-4071 from JMeter)

      • Please create new mailing lists
      • ->
      • ->
      • ->
      • ->
      • migrate existing subscribers

      DONE. Confirmed existing subscribers by sending an email to and

      3e. Create CMS website (our prereqs)


      committed to

      other refs:


      3f. Move website (was previously ISIS-277, has been inlined here)

      The Isis website must be moved to to

      subtask INFRA-5483
      Please set up for CMS.

      <danielsh> danhaywood: +| Create a *CMS-based site* | URL of the [layout-compliant](cmsref#layout) site source, and what build system to use | Build system types include:,, maven/ant/forrest. |

      Specified (but will be after INFRA-5484)


      3g. Wiki and JIRA

      • these do not need any changes (cf JMeter examplar INFRA-4069 which did require subtasks)

      3h. Update for new SVN directory


      4. Mailing list tidy up tasks

      • When podling lists have been transferred to their new home (by infrastructure), post an announcement to user and development lists. 
      • When using Maven: update pom.xml for the new mailing list address(es).
      • Update any documents on your website that show how to subscribe to the lists and/or find archives. 
      • Send notice to and that the address has changed, and the location of the project 
      • Update website: replace links to old archives with links to new ones and add new links to historic archives from incubation. 
      • Check project-private mailing list membership. Mentors should be allowed to remain if they wish to do so. The subscriber list should otherwise match that on the resolution. See this and the EZMLM "Moderator's and Administrator's Manual". 
      • Update mail addresses including: 
        svn commit messages (see infrastructure/trunk/subversion/authorization/asf-mailer.conf ) 
      • change svn commit hook to mail the new mailing list
        confluence commit messages (see adminstration documentation) 
        issue tracking messages (see administration documentation) 
      • The existing mailing lists should then be removed/cancelled (whatever is normally done...)


      5. Update incubator's podling status page


      6. Checked/updated Apache branding on site

      as per:

      specifically: make sure have (TM) in banner; make sure description of project on home page and on download page; make sure have standard links to top-level Apache pages.


      7. Update infra build tools, DOAP files

      as per the README_NEWTLP:

      • create RDF in data_files/
      • update files.xml with location of DOAP file
      • update xdocs/create.xml





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