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Get all components ready for a 0.1 release




      This is an umbrella JIRA ticket to get all modules relating to getting 0.1 ready for release.

      For all code modules, we have a single subtask to address all of the following:
      1 - docbook PDF is coherent (can have placeholders, but what is there should be correct or with notes to indicate in what way it might not be)
      2 - site APT is complete (can be brief)
      3 - copyright notices are in place
      4 - Isis code formatting applied to all code, per standard Eclipse IDE settings (in particular: brace location, spaces instead of tabs, indent size)

      • in trunk/src/site/resources/ide/eclipse/templates

      There are also some miscellaneous other modules that require work; each of these has its own subtask also. Specifically:

      • isis-parent (site, contributors guide, screencasts)
      • archetype (to be reverse engineered from support/quickstart)
      • version Id should be set to: 0.1.1-incubating-SNAPSHOT
      • screencasts linked from site

      NB, the following have been addressed already for code modules, so haven't included in the above list:

      • all package names and Maven artifact IDs (should now be correct)
      • all license dependencies (have all been checked)
      • all code contributions (have IP has been accounted for, ICLAs on file or equivalent direct email confirmation for minor patches to NOF)


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