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Apache IoTDB Kubernates Deployment Feature Design



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      Apache IoTDB is a time-series database, and provides many components for connecting with systems like Grafana. 

      IoTDB also provides a tool for synchronizing the data from one IoTDB instance to another. 


      Currently, IoTDB has a docker image for deploying an IoTDB instance, while lacking the following features:

      1. If the IoTDB instance is down, then we can automatically restart a new one. As IoTDB is a database and requires efficient disk IO operations, we'd like to use stateful service to start IoTDB, i.e., writing data locally, rather than on an NFS.
      2. Startup two IoTDB instances and sync data from one to another.  Only one can accept data insertions and once the writable instance is down, the rest IoTDB becomes writable. 
      3. Make IoTDB's configuration files easier to be modified for a docker/k8s based container.
      4. build an IoTDB-Grafana docker image. (We may have more middle-ware in the following three months, so that it is better to build all middle-wares)


      This task is for running components along with IoTDB, and supporting a double-alive instance deployment using file sync module. (Though IoTDB's cluster mode is ongoing, the above deployment is also meaningful in some case).


      You may finish it by using docker compose, or K8S. Maybe some service detection service is needed. For better implementation, maybe K8S operator is needed.



      • Docker
      • K8S (K8S operator)
      • Java
      • Shell


      As I am also not very familiar with K8S, I'd like to find someone who are interested in this task as a co-mentor.














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