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Fix incorrect AggregationResult generation in cluster DESC query

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      This bug can reappear by replaying the test case IoTDBAggregationIT.firstTest in a 3 nodes with 2 replicas cluster.

      The main reason:

      Consider this query in the above IT


      "SELECT first_value(s0),first_value(s1),first_value(s2),first_value(s3) "
          + "FROM root.vehicle.d0 WHERE time >= 1500 AND time <= 9000 order by time desc" 

      And see the codes in https://github.com/apache/iotdb/blob/e08525072a88e6a99ee2026352fb133f40e7c3ee/cluster/src/main/java/org/apache/iotdb/cluster/query/LocalQueryExecutor.java#L693-L738


      If we query by DESC, the ascending == false, and we get the AggregationResult is FirstValueDescAggrResult, which should read data in decending order and calculate result.

      Howerver, in the AggregationExecutor.aggregateOneSeries, the reader generated is also a decending one, it will return a descending read BatchData when calling AggregationResult.updateResultFromPageData(). 

      Now let's investigate the implementation of FirstValueDescAggrResult.updateResultFromPageData(BatchData). It 'treats' the input BatchData as an ascending read sequence one(it will return the first data without any loop), which is a contradiction with the reader generated, thus the bug occurs.

      Here is a brief explain:

      The page data in order: 1,2,3

      The generated decending reader page data with the read sequence: 3,2,1

      And the FirstValueDescAggrResult will return the first one data, '3', which is different from our expected '1'

      So I think the best solution is

      1. Fix FirstValueDescAggrResult implementation.

      2. put the AggregationResult in an ascResultList and descResultList according to the method AggregationResult.isAscending().

      And we should add a comment to the abstract class AggregationResult interface.


      What's more, 




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