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Updating maven.apache.org site download.cgi with an executable flag does not work




      I have changed the svn:executable flag in the https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/maven/site/trunk but unfortunately the flag is not transfered to the production site.

      In the stdio output of the triggered build http://ci.apache.org/builders/maven-site-staging/builds/231/steps/shell/logs/stdio you can't see that the download.cgi file has been updated, cause it contains only a change in the above property.

      The result is that on production site / staging site the download.cgi does not have executable permission which results in server error.

      Currently the work-a-round is to manually fix the property on production svn https://svn.apache.org/repos/infra/websites/production/maven/content...

      But the permission goes lost through the process of creation.

      After checking some things i found that the separate downloads in the areas of the plugins like this http://maven.apache.org/plugins/maven-war-plugin/download.cgi, http://maven.apache.org/plugins/maven-ear-plugin/download.cgi, http://maven.apache.org/plugins/maven-javadoc-plugin/download.cgi don't work either...cause every plugin has to have a separate download of the appropriate source release which makes this issue more important.

      I have manually fixed it in svn area https://svn.apache.org/repos/infra/websites/production/maven/content/plugins for the following list of files:

      Karl-Heinzs-MacBook-Pro:plugins kama$ svn st
       M maven-acr-plugin/download.cgi
       M maven-ant-plugin/download.cgi
       M maven-antrun-plugin/download.cgi
       M maven-assembly-plugin/download.cgi
       M maven-changelog-plugin/download.cgi
       M maven-changes-plugin/download.cgi
       M maven-checkstyle-plugin/download.cgi
       M maven-clean-plugin/download.cgi
       M maven-dependency-plugin/download.cgi
       M maven-deploy-plugin/download.cgi
       M maven-ear-plugin/download.cgi
       M maven-ejb-plugin/download.cgi
       M maven-gpg-plugin/download.cgi
       M maven-install-plugin/download.cgi
       M maven-invoker-plugin/download.cgi
       M maven-jar-plugin/download.cgi
       M maven-jarsigner-plugin/download.cgi
       M maven-javadoc-plugin/download.cgi
       M maven-linkcheck-plugin/download.cgi
       M maven-pdf-plugin/download.cgi
       M maven-pmd-plugin/download.cgi
       M maven-project-info-reports-plugin/download.cgi
       M maven-rar-plugin/download.cgi
       M maven-resources-plugin/download.cgi
       M maven-scm-publish-plugin/download.cgi
       M maven-site-plugin/download.cgi
       M maven-source-plugin/download.cgi
       M maven-toolchains-plugin/download.cgi
       M maven-war-plugin/download.cgi
      in Revision 940654.


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