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Replace lucene.zones.apache.org by a similar Ubuntu-based VM



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    • May 2015
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      We still run our Jenkins slave on the lucene.zones.apache.org jail (so we don't hurt the other projects with our veeeeery extensive testing).

      Unfortunately, Lucene trunk changed to Java 8 - and Java 8 is broken on FreeBSD (tests of Apache Solr crush the VM in the networking code - cause unknown). So we can currently only run our stable tests for the Lucene/Solr 5.x branch and we build the artifacts with Java 8 on this machine (but no tests). We received the message from [~ke4qqq] that Sigyn will be shut down in approx 90 days. I am not 100% sure if lucene.zones runs on this host, but a change to Ubuntu (14.04 LTS) would be very helpful in any case, so we can run our extensive tests in a separate machine.

      We want to migrate the current FreeBSD Jail to an Ubuntu virtual machine with similar capacity. We need some additional data files on the Jenkins slave to run our special extensive tests with lots of data and we would also like to maintain our own list of JDK versions, so a separate Jenkins Slave with Root access (as currently) would be fine.

      We would take care about installing all additional software required for the Lucene build, INFRA would just need to setup the private keys for the Jenkins master to log in (more or less only change ip address of slave node "lucene", so we can keep all our configured jobs.




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