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Creating a Git-Mirror of the Openoffice code base


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      The OpenOffice project would benefit from having an official git mirror of its codebase. Following and the mailing list thread on here are the requested infos:

      - Name of the codebase: "Apache OpenOffice"
      - Name of the requested Git mirror: "openoffice.git"
      - Subversion path of the codebase: "openoffice" (was "incubator/ooo")
      - Subversion layout: There is the standard "trunk, branches, tags" layout, but there also exist other top-level directories such as devtools, ooo-site, pmc, site, symphony, and trunk-orig. Except for the symphony directory these do not really belong to the codebase (as released in source tarballs) so these extra directories can and should be omitted in the git-mirror if they complicate things too much (having the symphony/trunk directory as a branch would be nice though).

      Another complication comes from the fact that most branches are one-level deep, but some are two levels deep (e.g. branches/alg/aw080). Yet another complication comes from having history in the pre-graduation "incubator/ooo" tree and in the post-graduation "openoffice" tree. The 11-year pre-ASF history of the original OOo project is also available.

      The sizes of current trunk/main + trunk/test + trunk/ext_libraries are 680MB + 50MB + 220KB, the size of the localization data in trunk/extras is another 930MB. The localization data compresses well but can be considered an own entity, if this makes things easier or more manageable (e.g. the old OOo project had separate repositories for the code and the l10 data). The tarballs in trunk/ext_sources used another big chunk of up to 200MB, but they can be omitted altogether, as these external dependencies are fetched after the configure step from their respective original or more reliable backup locations.



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