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Customized bounce notification for domain



      The legacy project had an email forwarding service. Similar to what we do with Apache, project volunteers were given email addresses which would forward to their real addresses. Based on previous ASF Board discussions, we will not be migrating this forwarding service to Apache. And oracle is telling us that they will be shutting down the legacy forwarding service after March 15th. At the same time the legacy mailing lists will be shutdown. These also have email addresses.

      What we're hoping can be done is something like the following:

      1) On or soon after March 15th, we update MX DNS records for so such traffic gets routed to Apache rather than Oracle

      2) We bounce back all such emails received

      3) This is the key part. We don't want just a generic bounce error message. We want to bounce back with a custom response, one where we can explain the shutdown and direct the user to a project webpage where we can give a directory of where the new addresses are. So legacy security list would map to the new ooo-security list, etc. We just want to give the link to the mappings. We don't want to automate the forwarding due to the large amount of spam the legacy lists receive.


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