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Switch CXF website to svnpubsub via a buildbot build


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      CXF has not been using the confluence autoexport plugin for over a year now and we're pretty much ready to switch the building of the site from a crontab entry from dkulp's cron on p.a.o to a real "buildbot" run build. The process is also able to commit to SVN and track the adds/deletes and such and thus provides the opportunity to switch to an svnpubsub model instead of the current (crappy) rsync method.

      SVN Location:

      (the generated site ends up in the contents sub-directory)

      The build requires a few things:
      1) Java
      2) Maven 2.2.1 or 3.x
      3) svn executable that can be called to commit the changes
      4) A Maven settings.xml with a valid confluence user creds. (You can use the one from people.apache.org:/home/dkulp/.m2/settings.xml for a very limited user)

      You can setup the build to just run the "bin/update-site" shell script in the web dir but pass a "--global-settings /path/to/settings.xml" flag. Otherwise, you could also look at the command in there (3 of them) to setup the mvn calls directly. The "svn" profile on the commands triggers the program to call out to svn to run "svn add" and "svn rm" commands and then ends with an "svn commit". If any of that needs changing (for example to trigger the svn commit from the buildbot script instead of from with the program itself), please let me know. I'm more than happy to make any modifications.

      The build should run hourly if possible. The program grabs the RSS feed from the space and will return quickly if the RSS feed shows no activity since the last build.

      Once the build is running, we'd like to test it a bit before switching the live site to svnpubsub model.

      Dan Kulp


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